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Family Worship


Over the summer there are opportunities to socialise together as families:

Family service social at the beach - Sunday, 8th Aug 2021 3:30-6pm

Outdoor chat and children's play - Friday 13th August, 11am - 4pm. Bluebell Drive

Outdoor chat and children's play - Tuesday 24th August, 11am - 4pm. Bluebell Drive 

Our family services will restart in September. Email for more info. 


Families on Sundays are in the small hall, with up to five families. Like Family Service, each family will have their own space with chairs and a rug. Each Sunday morning (apart from family service weeks) will start with a welcome, then we'll watch and join in with a Family at Four episode interspersed with an activity and finish with a prayer. Please book your place via doodle poll.

Watch previous episodes of family service below:


16 May

click here to open or print the spot the difference as we think of the difference Jesus makes to Saul


  • Google, "easy maze" or "difficult maze" or try these hard mazes and print it out an easy.
  • Using a pen or pencil complete it starting at the beginning all the way to the end. If you go the wrong way keep your pen on the paper and turn around.
  • The Bible says we all go the wrong way, sometimes accidently, sometimes deliberately. God is always ready for us to turn back to Him, say sorry and go His way with Him.


7 Marchfaith_in_kids-lockdown-resources-matthew-week-8.pdf

7 Marchfaith_in_kids-lockdown-resources-matthew-week-8.pdf

28 Februaryfaith_in_kids-lockdown-resources-matthew-week-7.pdf

21 Februaryfaith_in_kids-lockdown-resources-matthew-week-6.pdf

14 February - We need Jesus to win.pdf

7 February - We need to be safe.pdf

31 January - We need to trust Jesus.pdf

24 January - We need to be made clean

17 January - Build our lives on Jesus


OTHER IDEAS for worship at home

Beforehand - find a Bible story or the passage we're looking at in Church

1. Ask - Think of one big question that gets to the heart of the theme in that story or passage.
2. Read the verses together - Tom recommends the Jesus Storybook Bible but there are others
3. Talk - Think of questions you can discuss as a family - what was happening then? What does it say to us about God? How does it remind us of Jesus love for us? Does it make a difference to what we believe? Will it change how we live?
4. Make - The internet is a rich resource of creative ideas, just search your theme or Bible story and there's bound to be plenty
5. Pray - You could try the prayer spinner idea below, or the prayer dice linked in one of the archive services at the bottom of this page. Or just ask people to think of something to ask God, something to say sorry for and something to say thank you for.
6. Sing -
here's the link to our family playlist with loads of fun action songs...

(Scroll to the bottom of this page for previous Family Worship ideas)

Story & CRAFT Videos from our Children and Youth Team

Click here to see our full children and family video playlist

Click here to see your creations in our lockdown gallery

Other links, videos and ideas

In this video, Nat shares some ideas of how they are worshipping together at home, and discovering some great opportunities for their family to grow in faith together.

Download these beautifully hand-drawn Children's activity and colouring pages from Laura Rodger to print at home:
- Easter Family Activity Pack
- Space, Summer & Joyful in Hope

Have fun with Awesome Cutlery finding out what it means to follow Jesus.

Out of the Ark Music @Home Resources - Free songs and more from the team at Out of the Ark Music

Guardians of Ancora - Mobile App

Parkour your way through Bible settings and stories on an exciting quest. A free game from Scripture Union with links to download for Apple and Android

LifeKids has a whole range of age-appropriate videos for worshipping as a family at home.
This Document has a slightly more structured and formalised way of worshipping together as a family, as well as creative ideas for saying sorry, praying and responding - it can be opened online or downloaded and printed.
Bible App for Kids. Video episodes, activities, stories and more for all ages.
Going 4 Growth
Links to videos for children, downloads, ideas for worshipping and praying at home and all sorts of other suggestions.
Faith in Kids
Free series of 5 worship-at-home sessions on the wonder of Easter.
Prayers with children.pdf
Some prayers written to include people of all ages.

Family Worship Archive

Sunday 28th June - PATIENCE (James 5:7-11)

1. Chat - When do you find it hardest to show patience?
2. Read - James 5:7-11 (Click to read)
3. Talk - The best way to have patience when we're bored or finding life hard is to have hope. What does it mean to hope for something? What are you hoping for at the moment? When you have hope, do you find it easier to have patience? Can we hope that God will keep his promises to us?
4. Make -  Can you take a photo or draw something that reminds you of hope? Or maybe a portrait of someone looking hopeful?
5. Pray - That we would have hope in Jesus and be patient when we find things hard.
6. Sing -
here's the link to our family playlist with loads of fun action songs...

Sunday 21st June - Not judging others (James 4:11-17)

1. Chat - Why is it important to treat others kindly?
2. Read - 'Do not speak evil against one another, brothers and sisters.' James 4:11a - could you learn that together as a memory verse?
3. Make - Is there something you could do for someone who's often forgotten or looked down on to show that they're valued?
4. Talk - Is anyone more or less important to God? Are any of us perfect? Is it right for us to look down on others?
5. Pray -
why not pray for ourselves that we would be kind and gracious, and for those who feel looked down on or got at

Sunday 14th June - Walk with God (James 4:1-10)

1. Chat - Do we ever want things we know aren't really good for us?
2. Read - 'You do not get what you want because you do not ask God. Or when you ask, you do not receive because the reason you ask is wrong.' James 4:2
3. Make - Can you do 3 small drawings, of things you would love to have, to give to your family and to give to the world... why did you choose those things?
4. Talk - Can we ask God for things? Why is it important to think about why we're asking for those things? Can we ask for ourselves? For our family? Our family? For everyone?
5. Pray -
why not pray for those things you drew and ask God to help you to ask for good things for everyone!
6. Sing -
here's the link to our family playlist with loads of fun action songs...

Sunday 7th June - Wisdom

1. Chat: What do you think of when you hear the word 'wise?' 
2. Read: James writes about wisdom, and Jesus told this story about it:

3. Talk about: Why is it good to listen to Jesus? Does he want what's best for us? How does he know what is best for us? Does he forgive us when we don't make wise choices?
4. Make: Try building something on a soft surface, and then rebuild it on a solid surface!
5. Pray:
Ask God to give us his wisdom, and wisdom to others who make important decisions.
6. Sing: It's a classic...

 Sunday 31st May - Pentecost

1. Chat: what are the things we can do on our own, and some we need help with? 
2. Read: Acts 2:1-4 (Click for link)
3. Talk about:
Who is the Holy Spirit? How do you think they felt? What did the Holy Spirit enable them to do? How was this helpful with so many people in Jerusalem ready to hear about Jesus?
4. Make: here's a (fairly) simply origami dove - a symbol of the Holy Spirit
5. Pray:
Ask that we might know God's Holy Spirit, it's not scary it's like a dove - peaceful and showing us that God is with us.
6. Craft & Story: Here's an interactive video from Fliss for Pentecost:

Sunday 24th May - speaking PRaise, love & kindness

1. Starter question: do you ever say something that you wish you hadn't?
2. Today's Bible reading is all about speaking in a good and kind way:
'With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?' (James 3:9-11)
3. Have you heard of the idea of T.H.I.N.K. before we speak?
Is what we're going to say True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind?
Does that fit with what James is talking about?
4. Flix has created this craft idea for thinking about swapping any nasty talk for good:

(Click the picture to see it full size - no need to print, just use it to inspire your own)

5. Pray together - James says that controlling what we say is hard, and we all make mistakes. So let's say sorry to God for when we say nasty things, and then ask his help to use what we say for good.
6. Finish with some of your favourite worship songs to use your voice to praise! We love this song about lifting up our voice from Awesome Cutlery:

Sunday 17th May - James 2:14-26

1. A question to get you started: do you ever say you'll do something, and then not get round to doing it? 
2. Have a read of James 2:14-17 (click for link) together - maybe all together, or one line at a time if you can
3. This is all about our actions matching our words.
How do you know someone loves you? Is it what they say? Is it how they act? Or is it both?
What can we do to not only say that God loves people, but to show them?
4. Have a think, is there anything you can do today, from home or out exercising, to show someone that you're thinking of them and that God loves them? If you come up with some good ideas, can you let us know?
5. Pray together and ask God to help you show his love as well as think about it.

Sunday 10th May - James 2:1-13

Show no favouritism

1. Have a chat to start: What's the difference between having a favourite toy/film/book etc and 'showing favouritism?'
2. Read James 2:1-4 together (Link here) - how does that story show us it's important to treat all people equally? how does God treat each of us?
3. Why not design a welcome poster - to show that everyone matters to God and all are equally welcome?
4. Pray together - perhaps using the spinner idea in Nat's video below. Why not choose some people or places to pray for that don't usually come top of our prayer lists?
5. Have you checked out the all-age worship songs from Awesome Cutlery? Have a listen here

Sunday 3rd May - James 1:19-27

James 1 verses 22-24: Putting faith into action

1. This Sunday our focus is to remember to put our faith into action. Can you think of people right now, doing things that are helping others? As the saying goes, 'Actions can speak louder than words.'

2. James puts it like this for us in the Bible:
'Do what God’s teaching says; don't just listen and do nothing. When you only sit and listen, you are fooling yourselves. A person who hears God’s teaching and does nothing is like a man looking in a mirror. He sees his face, then goes away and quickly forgets what he looked like.' (ICB)

3. Talk about: Are there ever things we know we should do, but forget to do them? Is it a good thing to do the things we say we'll do, and why? Is it enough to just believe that God is there and Jesus loves us, or should we actually do something about it? How can we put our faith into action - even whilst we're staying at home?

4. Here are some creative response ideas that some of our families came up with:
- Make a card or something to pop through a neighbour's door with a kind message. One family used the rainbow image and added the words, 'sending you a rainbow as a Sign of Gods promises, love, hope and joy.'
- Decorate a stone with a similar message and leave it for someone to find.
- Make a mirror picture, either with a self-portrait or using something shiny and write around it some things that God calls us to do
- Design and make a movie action clapperboard to remember that we need to act out our faith. (Template here to print and stick on card)

5. Pray - ask God to help us remember to not only think about our faith, but to try and live it out. Also, we can say sorry when we don't live God's way, and he forgives us!

Sunday 26th April - James 1:9-18

James 1 verse 12: Keeping going with God

1. Today we're focusing on 1 verse from the book of James. Why not start by reading it together, there's a link here.

2. One of the best ways to keep going with God is to have a heart of worship, so why not pick a worship song to play and sing or dance to (youtube)

3. Discuss: Do you know what 'perseverance' means? What are the sorts of things that you find hard to keep doing, even though you know they're good things to do? What are the things you find hard to stop doing, even though you know they're not that good? Can we ask God to help us keep going with him? What does God always do if we do mess up, but then say we're sorry?

4. James says there's a crown for those who God helps keep loving him. Here's a template of a crown you can print, cut into three, decorate and then wear. Make sure you call it the Crown of Life and then send Tom your photos!

5. Pray - that we would have God's help to keep going with him, loving others and living God's way.

Sunday 19th April - James 1:1-8

1. Discussion to start: are there things you can do easily now, that you used to find hard? How many can you think of?

2. Have a read of James 1:2-4

3. Questions to think about: what sorts of things are hard to do? when are we tempted to give up? do we sometimes wonder why bad things happen? have we seen some good things come out of difficult times at the moment?

4. Have a go at something that takes perseverance... standing on one leg?! balancing a spoon on your nose? a house of cards? When you finally manage it, how does it feel?

5. Pray - There are a lot of people going through a lot of trials and tests. It doesn't take them away, but let's pray that God would bring good out of it and that we'd learn ways to keep the good things going!

6. Perhaps finish with some singing or worship music as a reminder to keep trusting God even during difficult times!

Sunday 12th April - Easter Sunday

1. Start by chatting amongst yourselves about Easter - what is it? Why's it important? What do you like about it? Is there anything that confuses you about it?

2. Watch this retelling of the 1st Easter morning.

3. How do you think Mary felt when Jesus spoke to her? How do you feel about Easter now? What's the connection between Jesus coming to life and the images of Easter - bunnies, flowers, eggs etc? If Jesus is still alive, what does that mean for us?

4. Download, print and enjoy this Easter Family Activity Pack 
(hand drawn by Laura, joining us with her family as part of the ministry team later this year!)

5. Pray together that many people would take time to think about Jesus coming back to life, and what good news that is for the world!

6. Send in your creations, especially the edible ones... (joke!)

Sunday 5th APRIL - Palm Sunday

1. You might like to make some traditional palm crosses in preparation, click here for a video tutorial OR you could make palm branches by tracing round your hands lots of times to create palm fronds, colour or paint them and stick together to make branches!

2. Have a read of Palm Sunday from Mark 11:1-11 or you can watch an animation of what happened here.

3. Then who doesn't love a good palm Sunday procession - can you act it out, even if there's just a couple of you?! Good imagination needed!

4. Talk about... how did Jesus know there would be a donkey? Who was Jesus claiming to be by arriving like this? Would we join the crowd and celebrate him? Do you know how things change by the end of the week?

5. Pray thanks to Jesus for coming to the world to be our King; sorry for the times we don't trust him, and ask for more people to discover the joy of knowing him.

6. Creativity Time... here's a few suggestions, and send in your photos!
Can you make something that recreates the scene, out of toilet roll figures? Lego? A drawing of Jesus on the donkey with greenery from the garden? How about a stop-frame animation of Jesus' arrival on a donkey?! 

Sunday 29th March - Song of Praise

1. Time for some noise and making use of those yogurt pots and other lock-down materials... can you make an instrument, perhaps a simple shaker?!

2. Find a few of your favourite songs and play/sing/strum/tap/shake/dance along. Have you listened to the new Kids album from Rend Collective?
Here it is on: Spotify | Amazon | Apple Music | Youtube

3. Find a Bible and read Psalm 150

4. Use the discussion dice from last week, or talk about all the ways we can praise God? Why do we praise people? What would we praise God for? How does praising others help us to be thankful like we thought last time?

5. Have a go at rewriting Psalm 150 using modern instruments and maybe decorate it to turn it into an album sleeve for an LP/CD/mp3 download.
Then you can upload/email your pictures to Tom...

Sunday 22nd March - Song of Thankfulness

1. Print out and make this Bible-Discussion-Dice to use later, and have a phone/tablet/computer to hand

2. Find a good time to get together in your home and thank God for being with you, maybe play some of your favourite worship music. Some suggestions here.

3. Watch this retelling of Mary's thankfulness and worship or read Luke 7:36-50

4. Use the dice to generate questions and talk about why this lady was so thankful and why those religious leaders were angry instead.

5. What are we thankful for?
Anything particular to give thanks for on Mother's Day?
Get a long list and then pray together, thanking God for all the good things we enjoy, as well as for those who are sad or worried at the moment.

6. 'Thank you' Postcards - thanks to Vikki for this suggestion:
Write/draw what you are thankful for on plain cards. These could be sent to the church to be displayed later or take a photo and send it to Tom to upload for other to enjoy. The originals could be posted to a person of your choice... Grandparents, teachers, shop keepers, etc or popped on display for neighbours to see.