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Covid19 Books

A number of books have been written this year exploring and explaining Christian faith in the midst of suffering, and particularly Covid-19. Here are some that you might find helpful:

Where is God in a Coronavirus world?
John Lennox

Lennox is an Oxford professor of mathematics, who has also written widely on Christian faith and science. He takes his usual logical and rational approach to this subject, with a basis in Scripture. That's not to say that it is too dry or weighty, in fact, it's the shortest book in this list. If you appreciate clear, systematic thought processes then you will find this treatment helpful.

Where is God in all the Suffering?
Amy Orr-Ewing

This book looks at suffering more generally, but includes the topic of disease and sickness. Like her other books, this is academically and theologically faithful whilst maintaining a personal, honest, perspective on suffering which is both global and also personal. An easy-read on a topic that is often hard to get your head around.


God and the Pandemic
Tom Wright

Wright's focus includes the need for lament and prayer. He begins with the ways that humans have understood suffering. He points out that suffering in the Bible comes to the guilty and not-guilty, and so the answer is more complex than 'they [or we] deserved it.' He wants Christians to avoid the mistake of "trying to deduce something about God while going behind Jesus’ back.” In other words, we must understand God's control in the light of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. This will definitely get you thinking, even if you don't agree with Wright on every point.


These books are available at Christian bookshops, and online:

Good Book Company