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Christenings, Dedications and Baptism

We love to celebrate new life!

Christenings, baptisms, thanksgivings and dedications - they're all about celebrating new life. It's great to give thanks for a new arrival, and we also love the symbolism of new life in Baptism. In fact, you can be baptised at any age as a sign of turning to follow Jesus and living out an exciting life of following him.

We'd love to chat with you if this is something you're interested in. You can get in touch with us here.

All Saints is the parish Church for Wick and Kingley Gate in Littlehampton and has hosted some lovely thanksgiving services for families in the last year. Some people have even attended and enjoyed it so much that they've asked to come back for a service for their own child. We've also baptised several teenagers and adults who've come to believe in Jesus. 

We also have the capability to show video clips, play music and photo slideshows on our screen.

After a recent Thanksgiving service, we had these kind words back from the parents:

 "It was a lovely day... the service was perfect and everyone was saying how lovely the church was"