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The heart of the Christian faith is that we can know God through Jesus, and through his life, death and resurrection we can share in his life.

These resources can help you to discover that there is a God who made you, loved you enough to die for your sin and lives again, inviting us to share that new life through faith in him.

Ultimately, though, the way God invites us to know Him is by asking him to reveal the truth of his love; revealed in his Word and made alive for us by his Holy Spirit. Perhaps clearest of all is this summary in the book of Acts, chapter 16: 'Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.'


A place to explore the big questions of life and engage with the story of God.

ALPHA - Who is Jesus? Why did he die? How can I have faith?

bethinking: Jesus

Who was Jesus? Did he really exist? Can we know what happened? 
Explore the evidence and discover why so many believe in him.