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Holy Week

08 April 2019 17:29
“The year was AD 33. The excitement in the cool spring air of Jerusalem was palpable. Thousands of Jewish pilgrims had gathered from around the world for the upcoming Passover feast, and word had spread that Jesus—a thirty-something itinerant rabbi, prophet, and healer from Galilee—had raised Lazarus from the dead, and he was staying at Bethany during the weekend prior to Passover.
...The Passover crowds in Jerusalem were like a powder keg ready for a spark—filled to the brim with both messianic fervour and hatred of Roman rule. Winds of revolution whipped through the air of Palestine throughout the first century, and Jesus, with his teaching authority and ability to capture the imagination of the masses, not least on account of his ability to heal and raise the dead, looked very much the part of the long-awaited Messiah. After observing the Sabbath (Friday evening through Saturday evening) at Bethany, Jesus arose Sunday morning to enter the city of Jerusalem.” (From The Final Days of Jesus, by A. Köstenberger,  J. Taylor, A. Stewart)

Join us throughout the week to consider the most important week of the most important person who ever lived. From Sunday to Sunday, we'll take in a view of all that went on in the words of those who were there and shared their story...

Palm Sunday (14th)
Processing from All Saints to Wick Hall, meet from 9am at All Saints.
Service in Wick Hall, 9.30-11am.

Monday (15th) to Wednesday (17th)
7pm-7.30pm in All Saints
Hear the events of each day as recorded in the gospels. A short reflection, time for quiet prayer and music to help us imagine what it would have been like to walk with Jesus through that week.

Maundy Thursday (18th)
7pm in All Saints
Communion in the round as we remember Jesus instructing his followers to share the bread and the wine.

Good Friday (19th)
Walk of Witness, 10.15am in Littlehampton Town Centre
The Way of the Cross, 2.30pm in St Mary Magdalene Lyminster - hymns and readings

Easter Sunday (21st)
9.30am in Wick Hall
Come and join us as we celebrate the greatest news, forgiveness and new life in the risen Jesus. All welcome.

 (Please note: there is no evening service on Easter Sunday)