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Update - April 2019

01 April 2019 15:49

What a great month to share and reflect on all that Jesus has done for us! 

Earlier this month Roger P and I were able to share the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection with hundreds of school children, teachers and parents. And, as you’ll see below, there’s still plenty of opportunities to come. I’m also attaching some flyers for other events coming up over the next few weeks, please pray for them and come if you can.

May God bless you as we remember again his sacrifice, his love and his risen presence with us!

APCM and Annual Report
Our annual Church meeting is on Monday 29th April, 7 for 7.30pm in All Saints Church. At this meeting we will appoint Churchwardens for the coming year and take any questions on the annual reports. These reports will be available in hard copy but I am attaching them to this email. The main one is called 2018 Report Booklet and I hope you'll find it an encouraging read! Do come if you can to this meeting as it is first and foremost an opportunity to give thanks to God for all he’s been doing, and commit our resources in his service for the future.

Holy Week
From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, we'll take in the view of those most significant days in the life of Jesus...

Palm Sunday (14th)
Processing from All Saints to Wick Hall, meet from 9am at All Saints.
Service in Wick Hall, 9.30-11am.

Monday (15th) to Wednesday (17th)
7pm-7.30pm in All Saints
Hear the events of each day as recorded in the gospels. A short reflection, time for quiet prayer and music to help us imagine what it would have been like to walk with Jesus through that week.

Maundy Thursday (18th)
7pm in All Saints
Communion in the round as we remember Jesus instructing his followers to share the bread and the wine.

Good Friday (19th)
Walk of Witness, 10.15am in Littlehampton Town Centre
The Way of the Cross, 2pm in St Mary Magdalene Lyminster - hymns and readings

Easter Sunday (21st)
9.30am in Wick Hall
Come and join us as we celebrate the greatest news, forgiveness and new life in the risen Jesus. All welcome.

Pastoral Care
Jesus said, ‘love one another.’ So, how can we best do that?

Friendships - praying and being there for each other.
Homegroups - sharing, encouraging and supporting.

That’s great for some people some of the time, but what’s our process for organised pastoral support?

Step 1 - Get in touch with Tom
He can offer support, but he can also...

Step 2 – Tom contacts people who can offer:
Prayer... Men and women with experience in praying for people, either on Sundays or during the week.  

Presence... If you or someone you know is lonely, recovering, ill, bereaved or housebound then we have people who have training and experience of visiting.

Practicalities... There’s a wealth of practical gifts amongst our church family, and a willingness to help with things like issues in the house/garden, lifts, etc. Always feel free to ask if you’re struggling and we’ll try to find someone to get in touch or point you in a helpful direction.

We also have our new Pastoral Emergency Fund and regular Home Communion visits. If you know anyone who might be blessed by either of those, see Step 1!

Reading that, you might be prompted to think, “maybe I could help with one of those ‘P’s.” If so, please chat to Tom. He will update a list of those able to offer prayer, presence and practical support.

Hall Improvement Plans
There is more information about the plans to improve the hall on our website at 
This month's prayer meeting is focussed on praying for our worship and witness in the hall and committing our plans to the Lord. This Sunday evening (14th), from 6.30pm in the small hall (arrive through the side gate, there's boxing in the main hall and you probably won't want to get the two confused!)

Attachments... and things to pray for!

  • Annual Reports - Booklet, Financial, Other
  • TLA Prayer Week - can you help?
  • Case for Christ Flyer - great to invite an inquisitive friend to!
  • Walk of Witness Flyer
  • Beacon displays from last Sunday